Privacy Policy

The Anti-Money Policy 

The Anti-Money Laundering Policy adheres to the norms of the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating of Terrorism Financing ( hereinafter called to as the "AML") techniques for . 

Tax evasion can be characterized as method of changing over cash or other material qualities picked up wrongfully (by fear based oppression, human dealing, youngster erotic entertainment, tranquilize managing, illicit arm exchange, debasement, and so forth.) into cash or speculations that seem, by all accounts, to be genuine. The reason for tax evasion is to shroud hints of unlawful wellspring of assets. 

BEST OF CURRENCY EXCHANGE is to execute due tirelessness at whatever point it is required to recognize the client and inside the entire time of business relationship with the client. All conditions are shown in Terms and Conditions of our administration. 

- The due constancy includes the accompanying: 

- Distinguishing proof of a definitive gainful proprietor; 

- Data gathering on the reason and expected nature of the business relationship; 

Assortment of data essential for predictable observing of business relationship including examination of exchanges attempted over the span of that relationship to guarantee that the exchanges being performed are reliable with information on the client and his/her business and hazard profile; 

Assessment of the wellspring of the assets engaged with exchange. 

Demonstration of furnishing BEST OF CURRENCY EXCHANGE with bogus data, distinguishing proof or false contact subtleties will be treated as an abuse of the administration. will undoubtedly report about such cases to the specialists of the nation where unlawful tasks were executed. 

All data must be recorded: ID information, due determination, ID archives accommodated account check, data and reports on moves, which require distinguishing proof, other recognizable proof archives which can be required over the span of business relationship with the customer.